AFK Arena MOD APK 2022(Unlimited Money, Diamond, Gems)

Download AFK Arena MOD APK latest version with unlimited money features enabled . Here you can know all info about AFK Arena Private server, characters, redemption codes, and much more. So what are you waiting for? If you don’t know how to download or play the game, just scroll down to the how to download and play section.

Basic Info

NameAFK Arena
MODUnlimited money, diamonds, gems
File Size100Mb
Game CreatorLilith Games
popularity10M+ Downloads
afk arena mod apk

AFK Arena MOD APK Latest Version

AFK Arena is extremely popular due to its inspiring storyline, powerful characters, and away from keyboard mode. It has a rating of 4.6 in Google play with over 10 million active downloads. While it enjoys a rating of 4.7 in iTune Stores. This speaks volume about its popularity.

So yes, AFK arena is a good game. Many gamers when tried this game, they had nothing but positive words for this game. Markiplier is one of the fans of AFK Arena.

AFK Arena is a strategy game with a very cool approach to gaming. This game is developed to be played on auto mode without requiring your full concentration and time. You might do any of your work while playing the game. And the term AFK which means “Away from keyboard” signifies this core concept of the game. 

You can put your heroes on training and leave. When you come back your Hero’s level is up. 

AFK Arena Mod apk markilpier

Features of AFK Arena MOD APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Super Heros
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Auto updated

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AFK Arena Gameplay

The story of the AFK Arena MOD APK revolves around a beautiful universe named Esperia. It is under attack by the evil forces called Hypogeans. You have a formation of super heroes to fight the demons to save the world. 

You are basically making the strategy for the heroes to fight the demons. Once a strategy is in place, the heroes will take on monster on their own. Your ultimate goal is to reach the King’s Tower. 

A strong plan of action for the heroes results in their victory. You have to create a foolproof war strategy by selecting the formation of heroes for the attack, support, and defense. So, your battle strategy will decide the outcome. Therefore, you feel connected to the game despite being ‘away from the keyboard’. At the same time, you also have enough time to do other things while heroes execute your war strategy. 

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Main Features of AFK Arena 

  • Inspiring Storyline
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Realistic Graphics
  • Heavyweight Monsters
  • Many Super Heroes
  • Discover New Legends
  • Get Unique Characters
  • Strategy Based Outcomes
  • Worldwide Multiplayers
  • Amazing Graphics & Sound

How Do You Play AFK Arena MOD APK?

When I played this game first time, I thought I was controlling the hero but after I while I discovered no matter I press the button or don’t, the hero was fighting the demons? I thought to myself what the hell was going on here? 

But if you play it for a day, you develop the interest, you discover the fun part, and addiction begins. Here is how you play this amazing game.

  • First, you pick and train your heroes
  • Make a strategy that will result in victory
  • In the war, heroes will fight devils on their own
  • You keep eye on the battle 
  • Timely use of the superpower of heroes

That’s all you need to do to win the battles.

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afk arena mod apk character heroes

AFK Arena MOD APK Characters & factions

Since this game is based on the battle between the forces of evil and virtue. But to fight the evil demons, you have got more than 100 characters with magical and mythical powers. These are also called heroes. 

Best Heroes and Leveling Up of Heroes

Not all heroes are equally good when comes to capabilities and abilities to level up. Some are quicker, some have the most powerful tools and some are more resilient. Here is my list of best heroes. So if you are new, you better invest on leveling up these heroes.

Choose the best hero according to the requirement of battle and make a strong formation. Each hero has a unique set of powers and abilities. Not all heroes are suited for every stage. Therefore, you need to wisely bring forth your heroes for every battle front.

  • Brutus: The absolute best & Strongest
  • Tasi: Best for Supports
  • Belinda: Perfect Mages
  • Lucius: Best Tank Hero
  • Lyca: Most Resilient Hero


In this game, all the superheroes are divided into a total of 7 categories. Here are a few most powerful heroes in each category.

  • Dimensional
  • Hypograns
  • Celestial
  • Maulers
  • Wilders
  • Graveborns

How Can I Download a MOD APK for AFK Arena?

If you are wondering how to download and install the game, we have got you covered. Simply follow the instructions given here, and you won’t be disappointed. 

  • First of all, click the download button
  • You will land on the media fire download page
  • Click download and Wait for the download to finish
  • Click on the phone setting allow from unknown resources
  • The game will begin to install on your phone
  • That all, now enjoy the game.

How do I download AFK Arena on PC?

If you want to install AFK Arena MOD APK, here is a step by step guide for you.

  • First, install BlueStacks on your PC
  • Now click the AFK Arena download button from the link
  • You will land on media fire download page
  • Now download and install it 

You are done! Now enjoy the game.

How to get Diamonds in AFK Arena?

  1. You can purchase diamonds for money
  2. You Can use redemption codes
  3. You can install a modded version
  4. You can achieve 150 diamonds in King’s Tower
  5. Bounty quest offers give diamonds
  6. Completing Arcane Labyrinth on all 3 floors gives you 350 diamonds
  7. Daily quest completion gives you 100 gems
  8. Weekly quest completion gives you 300 diamonds
  9. In Arena rewards Pi Master’s gift you can get as much as 3000d diamonds
  10. Getting chests can give you diamonds

How to Get AFK Arena Redemption Codes?

Redemption codes can get the game to next level. They give you access to other super heroes, diamonds and much more. But redemption codes are released by the developers on important occasions. They are often available for limited period of time and get expire after some time.

If you want to find working AFK Arena Redemption codes, I have found an app that regularly fetches redemption codes that you can easily use. The app is available on Google Play store namely AFK Arena Codes.

Final Words

AFK Arena is an awesome game with an inspiring story and engaging scenery. You feel virtuous when you think you are defending the world from the evil forces. Since the game is based on away from keyboard concept, you can save a lot of time in this game to do other activities.

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Is there an AFK Arena Private Server?

So far there is no working Private Server available

Can AFK Arena play on PC?

Yes, you can play AFK Arena on PC. You just need to install BluStacks on the PC and then through it install AFK Arean from google play. 

Who is the best hero in the AFK arena?

Brutus is the unanimously absolute best, the strongest, and most powerful hero in the AFK arena due to his capabilities. He has a score of 92.

Can you get Markiplier in AFK arena?

Markiplier is a famous gaming Youtube Star. Markiplier is an open admirer of AFK Arena. And he also features in AFK Arena Game now. When you reach the Noble Tavern in the game, you will see Markiplier along with his dog Chicka as a bartender in AFK Arena.

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