Dead Trigger Mod APK 2022 (Unlimited Money/ Gold/Ammo)

Download Dead Trigger MOD APK 2022 latest version with all features unlocked. This is latest version (V 2.0.1) with unlocked unlimited money, gold and ammo. Click now on the download button to download or read deatiled description to know more about the modded version.

Basic Info

Name Dead Trigger
CreatorsMadfinger Games
TypeSurvival Game
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gold/Ammo
Rated for16+
Available On Google Play
dead trigger mod apk

Dead Trigger MOD APK

Zombie apocalypse games are ubiquitous nowadays. Most people prefer horror games due to which a lot of zombie games are developed recently. Dead trigger MOD APK is also one of these games based on the zombie apocalypse. Dead Trigger MOD APK is a single-player, first-person game.

It is a survival game where you have to survive and protect yourself and your hideout from the zombies. Dead trigger apk got released on June 26, 2012. Developed by Madfinger Games, this game is available free of cost on the google play store. The game’s story is horrific and terrifying, which makes it the first choice of horror lovers.

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Story of the Dead Trigger MOD APK

The story seems like the world is going to be ended. A plague has killed millions and billions of people. The majority of those who survived the plague got converted into some deadly creatures and are cannibals now. They look out for healthy people and tries to infect them with the virus. If the people resist, they may kill them and enjoy their dinner.

Julian Lassagne is leading a group of people who have survived the plague and are now fighting for survival. Kyle joined them, and then they found an underground bunker that the government once owned. Julian Lasagne named his group of people “New Hope,” and they started clearing all the bunker floors one by one.

They found that the plague was not a disaster. It was spread by a group of wealthy people who want to decreases the earth’s population. In the end, Julian and his team go for those rich people to teach them a lesson.

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How to play Dead Trigger MOD APK?

When you start the game, you will see a map screen. You will find options like shop, equip, New Hope, Casino, and free gold on the bottom of the screen.

On the top of the screen, you will see the gold and money that you own. You may also see your rank and experience level.

On the right top corner is a settings option where you can change the settings as per your ease. All of these are discussed here briefly.

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a) Shop Ammo

It is where you can buy guns, items, and other abilities for your character. To purchase anything, you might need gold, which is found very rarely in the game. Some things like bandages can also be purchased using the money. Purchase starts from 20G (Gold) and goes up to 40000G. You can also upgrade the guns in the shop. Dead Trigger Mod apk unlocks all weapons, and you can get access to any weapon quickly.

b) Equip Yoursel

Here, you can equip your hero with guns and ammunition and get him ready for the fight. You can load your hero with Two guns and two healing items initially. Later on, it can increase to 3 or 4 as you buy the other slots.

c) New Hope

It shows the statistics of your game, but for that, you must have to log in before. Your friends are also shown here. If you want to upload your game progress to a cloud or save it, from here, you can do it.

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e) You Need Gold

The most precious thing in Dead Trigger mod apk is Gold. Gold is found very rarely, and about 90% of the purchases are based on gold. You are awarded the gold at the end of some bonus missions.

f) You Need Money

You can get money in various ways. Either you may find it in the game in briefcases, or you may get it after every mission. Dead Trigger Mod apk (unlimited Gold, money, and ammo) is best to unlock all your guns instantly without any effort.

Evolution of Dead Trigger Mod APK

When the game was launched in 2012, it was a paid game. You have to pay for it if you want to download the game. But then the developer made it accessible, and he added some in-game purchases. From these in-game purchases, the money goes to the developer.

Moreover, the developer also added some ads to the game to make a good revenue for himself. Then the game spread throughout the world, and now it has over 10 Million downloads.

Higher Ranking Hacks in Dead Trigger Mod apk

Most players want to be ranked higher in the game, so their names shall be shown on the leader board. In the game, there are different kinds of missions. Sometimes you have to defend someplace, or you may have to kill a certain number of zombies.

Protecting doors, killing zombies by headshots, or removing the zombies’ limbs are missions. Zombies don’t die quickly; that’s why sometimes their limbs need to be removed from each other to eliminate a zombie.

Some specific locations are used as hideouts due to the excessive zombies wandering outside. The arena is a wave-based survival mode. In this, zombies came with very upgraded qualities. If you remove their feet, they are gone, crawl on their hands, and attack you. In this mode, the best way is to kill a zombie by headshot.

Some special zombies like Hulk zombies can be very deadly for you. These types of zombies are not affected by ordinary pistols. To kill them, you should have a powerful gun and a lot of ammo.

Final Words

Dead Trigger Mod Apk old version was not very interesting, and it was effortless to play. After the update, the game had become more intense, and the graphics quality has also improved. Sound effects are horrific, due to which this game is allowed only for children who are over sixteen years. Play this awful game and enjoy your life.

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