Dragon City MOD APK unlimited money/gems 2022

Download Dragon City MOD APK unlimited everything latest version and become the most powerful dragon master. The premium MOD APK provides unlimited gems to level up your game. Click on the download and chill. This game lets you to have the most powerful mythical creature under your control. If you like adventure and fun, try this super exciting game.

Game Info

Name of the gameDragon City MOD APK
Developed bySocial Point
Size120 MB to download
APK featuresFree Gems, Food, and Gold
MOD version11.5.2
Android version4.0.3 +
Dragon City MOD APk

Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon City MOD APK  provides you an opportunity to become a powerful dragon master. On floating islands, hatch dragons from eggs and feed them to increase their level. Make your dragons stronger than the other player’s dragons to be victorious in battles.

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This is a very lengthy game and remands patience. It takes your hours or even days to hatch dragons from the eggs. Upgrading the buildings for dragons is also a time-consuming factor. But this time consumption can be eliminated with the help of gems. Gems are the most valuable assets that you may have in this game. Gems have some wonderful powers like you can speed up the upgrading process or instantly finish any building upgrade.

If you are playing Dragon City MOD APK, then you can enjoy several other features like unlimited gold, food, and gems. You can also get all the dragons unlocked very easily in the MOD version of the game.

Being a power dragon master you should have a collection of well-trained and strong dragons. Your dragons must be strong enough to defeat your opponent’s dragon in the battle.

Features of MOD APK version

As mentioned above, Dragon city MOD APK is far better than the original game if you want to play it fast. There are several aspects in the MOD version which make the game quite fast. If you play the MOD version and the actual game both, you will note the difference. The actual game is lengthy which sometimes gets boring. But the MOD version due to unlimited everything doesn’t let you get bored. Some of its features are listed below:

  • Unlimited Gold: The MOD version of this game provides you with the facility of unlimited gold. You can use as much gold as you need.
  • Unlimited Gems: Gems are the rarest and the most valuable resources in this game. Getting unlimited gems means you can quickly access many buildings and dragons for which you have to wait for months.
  • Unlimited food: Food is also very important as it is essential for upgrading the dragon. Some 24 million food is needed to upgrade a dragon to level 40. From this, you can imagine the importance of the food. Food is also unlimited in the MOD version of the game.
  • 100s of dragons: There are about 100 different types of dragons in this game. In the MOD version, you will get access to all the 100 dragons. You can make different hybrids of the dragons to get more dragons with combined qualities and powers.
  • Unlimited orbs: Orbs are even rarer than gems. You can only get orbs once you reach level 40. In Dragon City MOD APK, unlimited orbs are given to you so you may not face a shortage of orbs.
  • Unlimited everything: Almost everything is unlimited in the MOD version of Dragon City apk. Unlimited gold, food, gems, orbs, and all the 100 dragons. It is such an amazing opportunity.

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Dragon City MOD APk

How to play Dragon City MOD APK?

Dragon City MOD APK 2021 is the best game to play if you are free and just want to pass the time. If you are new to the game then following the below-mentioned steps will lead you to become a robust dragon master.


First, you need habitat for your dragons. After the dragon hatches from the egg, it lives in its habitat. It depends on you which habitat you give to which dragon. In one habitat you can place more than one dragon also.


The next important building is the “Hatchery”. It is where the dragons get born. You have to buy an egg and then wait for it to get hatched. You can also finish it instantly with the help of some gems. Remember that don’t waste your gems. It is better to wait for some hours than to use gems. If you have enough gems or if you are playing Dragon City MOD APK then you can use gems freely. MOD APK version of this game has several mindblowing features one of which is unlimited gems. So you can freely use as many gems as you want.

Breeding Mountain

Another building named as breeding mountain also plays a role in upgrading your dragons. It is a magical building where you place two dragons and then waits to see the results. After the breeding, you will see an entirely changed dragon with extra abilities and powers. Breeding mountain can also be upgraded, if you want to reduce the breeding time. With every upgrade, the breeding time is reduced by 20%.


A coliseum is a place where you can battle with your opponent. If you play quests, it is a three versus three battle. Train your dragons and then select the three best dragons that will fight for your glory.

Dragon city Dragons fight


Besides the buildings that are important for your progress in-game, there are some decoration buildings also. Midarian is one of them. It is a beautiful tall tower located on the side of your island. It adds extra beauty to the game and also gives the feeling of protection and a secure island.

You have to unlock this building as it is not available for lower levels or new players. Player whose level is 10 or above can unlock this tower only. The tower is not empty when you unlock it. There is a dragon hiding in it to be released. This dragon may prove itself very helpful to you in hard times.


There are over 100 different types of dragons in the game, each with unique powers and abilities. For example, there is a flaming rock dragon named Luz. Now Luz has several abilities and powers like it has different attacks. Flying kick, Earthquake, Flaming arrows, and Meteor Shower are some of its fighting abilities. The abilities and powers can be upgraded with the help of food, gold, and gems(if needed).

Moreover, in dragon city apk each dragon has different skins. Like adult skin, young skin, and baby skin. You can set the skin of the dragon as per your choice. Skins are also upgraded as you upgrade your dragon’s level.

The ranking of your dragon increases as it wins the fights against other dragons. The ranking may also decrease if your dragon gets defeated consecutively. So try to be sure if your dragon may win the battle or not. And if you are not sure about the performance of your dragon, you can upgrade it to a higher level or select another level that is of a greater level.

Dragon City MOD APk


If you want to upgrade your dragon, you must have the food to feed him. As your dragon’s level increases, it increases his food consumption. We can say that food consumption is directly proportional to dragon level. For a dragon to be upgraded to level 40, it requires 24,364,973 food. This is the value for every dragon to be upgraded to level 40 and above level 40 it increases very much.

From this, you can estimate how much it costs to upgrade the dragon to level 40.12 hour Rainbow Flower is the best food to be grown in later stages of the game. It is very cost-effective and also requires less time to be grown.

Terra dragon is the first dragon that you get in the game. It loves to eat Quinlan.  To obtain Quinlan, you need to build farms and then grow Quinlan there. Likewise, every dragon loves to eat different types of food, so try to grow all food types.


Increasing your level in dragon city provides you with new buildings or increase the number of building on your island. When you can’t get enough space on your island to place a building, you can buy a new island. There are many islands in the game, but you have to buy them. With gold or gems, you can get a new island very easily. Some islands are too much expensive. You have to spend real money to buy them.

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Dragon City APk Alliance Building

The building in dragon city apk allows you to enjoy some exclusive perks. The requirement to unlock this building is that you have to reach level 16. Once you get reached the required level, just join an alliance and you will start getting perk offers.

Joining an alliance provides you the facility to play with friends. With this building, you can also trade your dragons with your friends. Every time you grow food, you will also get some bonus food if you have joined an alliance.

There are many other buildings like Ancient portal, Hanzo, Ramsey, Damona, Winstance, and jewelem. All these buildings are not available for new players. You have to upgrade your level to get these buildings unlocked.

Is dragon City MOD APK Offline?

The most frequently asked question regarding this game is,” Is dragon city offline?”. Let me tell you that it is an online game and also can be played offline as well. Playing offline provides you almost the complete game but some of the features are not added. If you play dragon city mod apk online, you can play with your friends and also share some gifts with each other.

Playing this game offline will cause you to miss some of its wonderful features, so it is recommended to be played online.

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How to get free gems on Dragon City APK?

The best and easiest way to get free gems in Dragon city MOD APK is to play the game everyday. Login with Facebook and you will get a reward every day for logging in to the game. Go to the calendar and there you may see on which day you are going to receive which award. Logging in every day provides you different types of rewards which include gold, food, gems, and some other magical items. Remember to not use gems on speeding up the process and conserve the gems so that you might build a stock of gems very soon.

Another way to get free gems in dragon city is that you should install its MOD version. Dragon City MOD APK gives you access to many extraordinary features that the original game doesn’t have. In the actual game, you have to login daily to collect gems, food, and gold, while the MOD version provides you all these resources in unlimited amounts.  Unlimited gems, gold, and food can highly increase your speed of upgrading your dragons to a higher level.

Best dragon in Dragon City MOD APK

The best dragon in Dragon city MOD APK 2021 is obviously the “ HIgh star dragon”. This dragon can earn you the most gold, about 2066 gold per hour. Though it is the best dragon, you can not breed it to increase its level.

The only way through which you can get this dragon is to spend gems and buy an egg of this dragon. The egg is too much costly i.e 6000 gems. You have to spend 6000 Gems in the shop if you want to get this amazing dragon.


Overall if we observe, Dragon City MOD APK 2021 is far better than the original game. You get access to all the features and aspects of the game very easily. This game has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 which is quite good. The rating also shows that most of the people who installed the game found it interesting. The number of downloads of this game has exceeded 100 million. Highly recommended by most people for those who have nothing to do but just pass the time. One of the best games to be played during the lockdown as it will not make you get bored. For more exciting mods and apks check apkspice homepage

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