Episode MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Passes Download 2022

Download Episode MOD APK unlimited gems and passes latest version in one click. This is a completely safe and secure MOD APK file of the versatile Episode game.

Basic Info

Developed byEpisode Interactive
MODUnlimited Gems/Passes
System CompatibilityAndroid 6.o or Latest
Episode MOD APK Image

Why Episode MOD APK the unlimited gems and passes?

When you are feeling limited by the free version, when you are short of gems and passes. When you want to enjoy an uninterrupted expereince, you want to get Episode Mod APK unlimted gems and passes.

Gems & Passes

If you have played Episode before, you know that you need gems to make certain choices. You can buy diamonds through money which you might not need if you have Episode MOD APK unlimited gems and passes. With unlimited gems in your pocket, you can explore a whole new world of possibilities.

Another useful resource to fully explore Episode stories is the passes. The game gives you 18 passes every day. So if you want to read a lot of stories, you need this resource. Our Episode MOD APK gives you infinite passes that you can spend to get more stories.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, Episode MOD APK unlimited gems and passes works and we have tried it out many times before bringing it to you via our platform. It works perfectly fine.

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How to install Episode MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Passes 

1- First, delete the original version of the Episode-Choose Your story

2- Download the MOD APK file by clicking the download button

3- Now Go to file manager and click the Episode MOD APK

4- Now click on the install

Note: Sometimes your phone may require permission for installing this version. No need to worry if such a message appears. Just go to setting and validate the ‘allow from this source’.

Overview of the Episode- Choose Your Story

Episode lets you play the character of most hot men and women to fulfill your fantasies, build dream relationships, adventure, and lots more.

It has more than 100,000 riveting storylines that you can live in as a character. Isn’t it sound great?

Yes, you can choose models-like figures from its library as lead men and women to play your role. You can customize the looks and outfits by simply clicking and swapping.

Main Features:

1- More than 100,000 storylines

2- Choose an Avatar of your choice

3- Customize our avatar’s looks and dresses

4- 30- free stories to choose

5- A community of millions to participate

6- Awesome 3D graphics experience

7- Unlimited gems and passes

How to play?

Episode MOD APK unlimited gems and passes is very user freindly. You just need to

  • Choose a storyline
  • Select a character, change its looks and dresses
  • Now make friends, rivals, and relations with the avatar you like
  • The story proceeds as you make choices
  • Each choice leads to a different outcome
  • If you don’t like the end make a different choice next time
  • You have unlimited choices and ends

Episode Interactive Platform

The platform for the episode takes the whole gaming experience to a surreal level. You can publish your own tales and can read hundreds of other stories.

For lovers of romance novels and stories, the Episode Interactive Platform is a great place. Here you can read some of the greatest romance and fantasy stories.

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The best Storylines to play?

1- Rule Breaker

2- It’ll Be Our Secret

3- The K*ss List

4- I Married A millionaire

5- Mean Girls: Senior Year


Episode MOD APK unlimited gems and passes takes the whole gaming experience to next level. The new APK MOD enables you to explore many new stories and make choices. It is easy to download and completely safe

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Is Episode MOD APK Unlimited Gems and Passes safe?

Yes, it is completely safe if you download from this site or any other good site. We do complete software and malware scan, and testing before publishing it on our website. It is completely clean, safe, and secure.

Is Episode MOD APK good for children?

On play store, it is rated 12+, while on other platforms it is also rated as 14+. So kids below this age should stay away from this.

Can You GET A MOD APK of Episode?

Yes, you can get mod apk of episode with unlimited gems and passes. You can download it at our site and enjoy uniterrrupted gameplay.

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