Faceapp Pro APK Download Free (Pro Features Unlocked) 2022

Download Faceapp Pro APK that will unlock all pro filters and features latest version. You can download faceapp android and ios here. You need not spend extra bucks to get pro filters nor you need to see irrelevant ads to get the results. Just click on Faceapp Pro APK download button and enjoy all premium filters and features.

Also, read our description of the Faceapp Pro MOD APk to know the full possibilities that come with this magical AI app pro version.

Name Faceapp Pro
DeveloperFaceApp Inc
Size30 Mb
MODPro Features
Operating SystemAndroid, IOS
Fcaeapp Pro Apk Icon and flter results

What is Faceapp?

Faceapp pro apk does magic with your photos. Basically, it is an AI-based photo editing app developed by Russian developers. It boast one of the most astonishing phot editing filters and effects that can make you stunned. The results are so realistic, natural, and quick that anyone can fall in love with this wonderful application.

Faceapp Pro APK is truly a feature-packed editor. What I like the most about this game is its ease of use. Every filter is just in one click away. No editing skill is required.

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Why Faceapp Pro

Faceapp Pro is the premium paid version of FaceApp. It allows you to use all available filters and effects of FaceApp. If you are on the free version, you have to watch ads to use premium filters. Despite watching ads, you might not be able to get premium filters. So, if you want to enjoy Faceapp to its fullest, you need to go premium.

Why Faceapp Pro MOD APK?

Faceapp Pro APK Cracked gives you access to all of the pro features out of the box. It saves you from watchinng boring and repititive ads again and again to use premium filters. With Faceapp pro mod apk, you can use pro filters and features free as many times as you want. So what are you waiting for, click the download button and get faceapp pro apk cracked.

Filters in Faceapp Pro APK Cracked

Faceapp pro mod apk has literally hundreds of amazing filters. But our focus will be on those filters that make it stand out from other phot editing applications

Face app pro apk beards and mustache filters

1- Beards & Mustahce Filters

In faceapp pro apk cracked, you can add various beards sizes and styles to your photos. Similarly, you can remove the beard and get a clean shaved look. Here are few beard effects that you implement on your photos.

  • Hipster
  • Full Beard
  • Goatee
  • Mustache
  • Shaved
  • Grand Goatee
  • Lion
Faceapp pro apk downlpad smile filters

2- Smile Filters

If you have a picture where you are looking serious, now you can easily turn it into a smiling face through faceapp pro free. I, for instance, had my front tooth broken when I was a kid, since then I could never take a photo with a smile. But now I convert my photoes to wear smiles. 

Similarly, if you want to imagine how would you look with an upset mode, you can try an upset filter in faceapp android as well as ios. Following modes are available for smile

  • Classic smile
  • Wide Smile
  • Tight Smile
  • Upset mode

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3- Sizes Filters

I like this feature of the faceapp android to the core. Ever thought about how would you look with a small nose? Or big eyes? Now you can see yourself with a small nose, skinny face or fat face, and big eyes. Here are the size filters that are accessible in one click

  • Big Nose
  • Big Face
  • Small Nose
  • Big Lips
  • Skinny face
  • Big Eyes

4- Gender Change Filters

It was this gender changed look feature in the face app pro apk that took the internet by storm. Its gender change transformations or so realistic and natural that one remains astonished.

Here is a true story. One of my friends was a trans but he could never dare to openly admit it. Once he changed his photo in the face app to look girl, he was so impressed that he decided to go public about this and adopt a female lifestyle permanently.

Here are the filters for a gender role.

  • Female to male
  • Male to female

5- Age Filters

Another face app filter that went viral on social media was age-changing look. You could see old as well as the young self of yourself, friends and relatives. Here are the age filters that you must try.

  • Child look
  • Teen Look
  • Young look
  • Cool Old
  • Old look
Faceapp pro apk hairstyles and colors

6- Hairstyles

Everybody wants to try different hairstyles. Now before going to a barber or growing your hair long, you should check it on the face app to know the final result. You can set a long hair filter, bangs, or curly hair filter. Here is the complete list of filters.

  • Haircut
  • Long hair
  • Full Longhair
  • Bangs Styles
  • Bald
  • Wavy
  • Straight

7- Hair colors

If you haven’t tried how would you look in various hair colors, you should do it now. You might find some cool color that really brings your best selves. I would say don’t dye your color, use the face app to do that. Here is the complete list

  • Black
  • Blond
  • Read head
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Tinted

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8- Glasses Filters

You can also wear cool glasses in your pics through the face app. It has several options for that. With face app pro you can get the following filters.

  • Glasses
  • SunGlasses
  • Thick Rectangle
  • Thin Rectangle
  • Thick Oval
  • Thin Oval

9- Make Up

While you do makeup on your face daily, but now you can do makeup to your photos as well. Various lipsticks and lip glosses effect are available. Here is the complete list of filters for makeup

  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • Dark
  • Bright
  • Dark matte
  • Dark Glossy
  • Bright Matte
  • Makeup 1,2,3,4

10- Face Swap Online

You can swap faces online with celebrities or also create a look for your son or daughter. These filters mix up your face with some celebrity face resulting in a unique person that did not exist. Faceapp

  • Face Swap with nay body
  • Morphing
  • Our Son
  • Our Daughter
Faceapp pro background, overlay, blur effects

11- Background Changes

You can also change the background of your images. It has around 50 cool background templates for your photos. But you can also use any background from the internet or your gallery.

12- Lens Blurr

Faceapp can also add cool blur effects to your photos. It does its job very well and you don’t need expensive cameras or camera phones to get the trendy bokeh effect.

Faceapp pro has these blur filters

  • Standard
  • Bokeh
  • Hexagon
  • Motion
  • Zoom
  • Box

13- Overlay Effects

Faceapp pro is a complete package for photo editing for beginners. It also features some cool overlay effects such as snowfall, sun rays, and many more overlays effect to your photos. Here are the few overlays that I personally love and use

  • Blue Rays
  • Sun Set
  • Snow Flakes
  • Rain effect
  • Spider Web
  • Sun Light
  • Night Flares

14- Vignette effect

It also has an awesome vignette effect generator filter. You can add both white and dark vignette effects to your photos

15- Collage

It also has a duo and 4-photos collage effect. You can see great before and after effects through duo mode. While the collage is also very useful to compare the 4 different filters in one frame. It also features a mirror effect.

16- Other Filters

Faceapp pro apk also includes all other image filters that are commonly available on other editing tools. You can adjust colors, contrast, brightness in the adjustment tool of faceapp android. You can also crop and resize images in the face app pro apk.

Final Words

It is useful for every age group. Olds can flashback to young looks, youngs can fast forward to see how they would look 20-years later. You can decide which hairstyle and color suit you and much more. 

It is useful for every age group. Olds can flashback to young looks, youngs can fast forward to see how they would look 20-years later. You can decide which hairstyle and color suit you and much more. 

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