FM Whatsapp Update 2024 Latest Version Anti-Ban

Hello friends, once again welcome to your new blog. Friends, today in this block we will talk about FM Whatsapp Update. Is FM WhatsApp the same as GB WhatsApp or is it better than that? Today in this post, we will know in detail and also we will know what the good things in it are. And what new features have come into it? Friends, in this post we will provide you with the latest 2024 version of FM WhatsApp through which you can enjoy the latest features of FM WhatsApp.

FM Whatsapp Update

Once you start using FM WhatsApp, you get complete freedom to do it and you gradually start feeling bored with the original version of WhatsApp. Friends, FM Whatsapp Update is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, hence it has been loaded with features. Suppose you want to download this version. To download the new 2024 version of FM WhatsApp, you can download it by clicking on the link given below. It is free and easy too. In some headings below we will know in detail its features, pros, and cons. also try blue whatsapp.

FM WhatsApp APK Download latest version

What is FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is a modded version of the original WhatsApp. Through this, we get options to customize many features. It has been developed by a third party whose purpose is to enhance the users’ experience. It is an unofficial app. Through which you can customize the features very easily, it has the option of themes. Due to this, this application comes with a very beautiful interface. Through this application, you can share large files very easily. More features of FM Whatsapp Update are explained in detail in the heading below. you can also try YO Whatsapp.

FM Whatsapp APK Details

Features of FM Whatsapp APK

This FM WhatsApp comes with lots of lotus features. You can avail a lot of features through FM WhatsApp. FM Whatsapp Update has a lot of unique themes and fonts which are very stylish.

Theme and Font Customization

There are many such features in FM WhatsApp through which you can make your FM WhatsApp very beautiful. fm WhatsApp comes with preloaded themes. Which are of premium level. fm WhatsApp also comes with preloaded fonts which are premium as well as updated with the latest trends. However, all this does not happen in the original WhatsApp. There are many limitations in the original WhatsApp.

Privacy and Security Options

FM WhatsApp comes with many security features. Through this, you can secure your FM WhatsApp data. fm It is difficult to hack a WhatsApp account easily. Sometimes the FM WhatsApp account is banned by the original team but this updated FM WhatsApp apk comes with an anti-ban feature through which the account does not get blocked. Additionally, multi-level security also comes with this application.

Huge File Sharing Capacity

fm You can easily send large files through FM Whatsapp Update. There is no limitation for sending large files. Through WhatsApp, files can be sent in their original format due to which the quality of any media does not fall. Due to this, this application is very popular. Besides, you can also upload the status in its original quality.

Updated Emoji’s and Themes

fm A lot of new emojis have been updated in WhatsApp. Which are very beautiful and funny. fm The emojis in WhatsApp express real feelings. New themes have also been added to fm WhatsApp which makes fm WhatsApp look very beautiful. Once you have installed your FM WhatsApp and used it properly, then you get used to it. Which is very normal.

Hide Status and Blue Tick

fm Many new features have been added in the new update of WhatsApp, out of which Hide Blue Tick and Hide Status are very special. fm With this new feature of WhatsApp, you can surprise your friends which is very cool in itself. If you have multiple female friends then you can easily handle them through FM Whatsapp Update. Because with its new feature, you can hide your status and show it only to those whom you want.

Prevent Deleted Message Option

Through FM WhatsApp, you can see the messages deleted by someone because this FM WhatsApp saves those deleted messages. This is a very good feature in itself, if any of your friends message you immediately delete it through the delete message option and think that he has not seen that message. fm You can surprise your friend through this new feature of FM Whatsapp Update.

Anti-Ban Security Update

In the new update of FMWhatsApp, anti-ban security has been updated so that now your account cannot be blocked easily. The anti-ban system of FM WhatsApp starts working as soon as the original WhatsApp team sends you to the ban-like process. Before this update, many accounts were banned by the original WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has maintained our trust by introducing this new feature.

FM WhatsApp APK Download screenshots

How to Download and Install FM WhatsApp?

How to FM Whatsapp Update?

If your FM WhatsApp is of old version then you can download the latest version of FM Whatsapp by clicking on the downloading link of the latest version given. And you can update your old FM WhatsApp version.

If you are still running the old version of FM WhatsApp then you will not get new features in it. To get new features, you have to update your FM WhatsApp. To update, you have to download and install the latest version APK file of FM WhatsApp.


If by "FMWhatsApp" you mean the phoney app, you should remove it right away if you have installed it because it is dangerous. Applications like these collect private data and propagate malware to the phone owner's contacts as well as other users.

An altered version of the original WhatsApp messaging programme is called FMWhatsApp. Its features include changing the look of the user interface, hiding online status, hiding blue ticks, and accessing extra privacy settings like password-locking individual chats.

Usually, when your WhatsApp account gets banned, it's because you broke one of the service's rules.


Updating FM WhatsApp and downloading and installing the new version we went through in detail in this article. I hope friends like this article. Also, you must have updated your version of FM Whatsapp Update. If you are facing any problems in updating, installing, and downloading the new version of FM WhatsApp, then you can contact us by clicking on the Contact Us page.

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