Granny MOD APK 1.7.9 (MOD, menu) latest version 2022

Download Granny MOD APK latest version mod menue in one click . Click the button below to download the latest version of the Granny MOD APK game for your android.

Info about Granny MOD APK

Game NameGranny MOD APK
Game Size99 MB
Developed byDvloper
Latest Version1.7.9
Requires4.4 and plus

Granny MOD APK:

Granny MOD APK is a deadly game, you get an incredible and authentic living experience at a ghost house. If you want to get a frightening experience, you should try this game. You can also invite your friends who might like to play with you to get a scary experience.

Granny APK is a terrifying and adventure game that is famous in-game lovers. This game revolves around a horror house within a granny that looks like a zombie who lives alone. You are captive with the ambush granny in this dangerous house, but granny can not see anything, and she is blind. Since her auditory senses are very sharp, she can hear every tiny sound; therefore, you should be careful.

Gameplay of Graany MOD APK:

Granny MOD APK is a very popular game and here we will tell you about this game. You are captive in an afraid house with a dangerous granny who looks like a zombie. Her sense is damaged. In spite, you are not reckless about her because her auditory senses are very sharp. You are caught if you are careless or produce any screams. If you notice, granny will attack you with her bat and will kill you.

You get freedom from that house by abusing granny, but first, you solve the mysteries given to you and collect the weapons like padlock key, car key, car’s engine, and some other things you need to fight with granny for escape.

If she hears any sound-producing by you, she will thirst for your blood. The fearful and spooky music, sounds of creaking boards, threatening crony, and extraterrestrial laughter make a game more horrible. After finding you, the granny will kill you, and the game is over.

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Main Features of Granny APK:


This game is based on realistic and smooth graphics; therefore, don’t worry about your phone’s battery; even if it is too low while playing, you feel you are in a ghost house. So you get real-life experience.

Free download:

Granny MOD APK download is available free on Android Playstore and Apple Play Store. You can download it any time and play without any internet connection.

Takes small memory:

It is safe, not harmful for your device, even if it does not take a large amount of memory or data. You can download it if you get a link from one of your friends, or our website also downloads it from the play store.

Five chances:

Suppose the dangerous granny catches you at once; no need to worry because you have four more options to solve the hidden mystery or to escape that horrible house. You have a total of five opportunities to win this game.

Get a scary experience:

Most gamers usually get board fighting, racing, and blasting games. Granny Mode Apk will give you different types of expertise. Its creative graphics, fatal and screaming music, and old granny make the game enjoyable.

How to Download and Install Granny APK MOD?

You can download the Granny game mod by following these steps

  1. Click on the download button that will take you to media fire download page
  2. Click the download button again and download will begin
  3. Click install when the APK file is downloaded on your mobile
  4. Allow permission if it is required and you are ready to enjoy!


Granny game is not for children; they may get nightmares or remain afraid if siblings play it. This game in night mode makes it more horror.

Final Words:

In this game, If you try something new to provoke stories or explore dangerous mysteries, you should play the Granny Mod Apk game. This game is free of cost, you can play offline too, and its deduction or graphics are creative, scary, cool, and fire full. The screaming music of this game makes it more horrible.

I am personally suggesting you try this game by ensuring excellent reviews. By reading this article, I hope all your confusions are clear to the game you clearly understand how to play. If you have any questions related to this game, ask in the comment section.

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