Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK(All unlocked) 1.18.12 Download 2022

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK(All unlocked). This is an innovative online game on Android and It will take you to a scorched wasteland.

Info About Game

Game NameLast Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK
Latest Version 1.18.12
Android Compatibility 5.0+
Game Size 700 MB
Developed by Kefir!
Category Survival
 Price Free

About Last Day on Earth MOD APK:

Last day on earth MOD APK is the most innovative survival game awarded in 2017. It has a very attractive interface. Challenge yourself to establish a new existence after the final rituals have been said and put your abilities and intuition to the test.

Your mission is to survive. Build a new house, gain a new skill, then go out and hunt, gather, and fight your way through the remaining monsters in the world. It’s a relevant game right now, and it’s fun.

Last Day on Earth MOD APK

Features of the master Kramers Last Day on Earth:

  • You may create a character and explore the area surrounding your shelter.
  • You can get access to hundreds of helpful recipes and blueprints.
  • There is an awesome feature of Energy to utilize that Energy is not wasted when walking
  • You can get a map to look around
  • The game has a Limestone ridge feature with a lot of excitement
  • There is a Duplication of items. You can divide the item to get more.
  • The game has the feature of Free construction (without required items)
  • You can get ultimate weapon strength.
  • You can chat with your friends while playing the game.

One Hit One Kill:

With a single hit, you can kill all zombies and animals. It is useful when your character’s health is low, and zombies surround them. All you have to do is activate it in the Mod Menu and kill them out with a single hit.

God Mode:

Who could ever oppose or kill a god? Only a stupid zombie would try to question your immortality while this mod is enabled, as no matter how many strikes you take, your health bar will remain filled.

Shot speed and attack:

Enhance the impact of your attacks and the number of shots you fire so that your opponents never have a chance to react or notice what you’re doing.

You can defeat zombies can be defeated in a moment, and prey can be hunted down for nourishment more quickly.

Weapons modify unlock:

Your default weapon is not always the greatest option because it lacks even the most modest upgrades necessary to qualify as a killing machine.

With this Last Day on Earth Mod Menu software, you may customize your weapons and become the greatest predator.

Unlimited water and food:

The game aims to provide players with a realistic simulation experience of a post-apocalyptic society, where one of the key challenges is a scarcity of resources, particularly food.

However, with our Last Day on Earth: Survival MOD APK, you’ll have access to endless food and water, ensuring that you’ll never go hungry.

Animal freezing mode:

If your food supply is really low and you are on the verge of starving, this option allows you to freeze any animals in your area and kill them easily, providing you with enough food to survive for yourself and your companions.

Unlimited craft items:

You can unlock all crafting items and construct a better line against zombies than if you had to earn points and go through levels to gain access to a specific crafting item.


Make sure that if your back were against the wall, you would do everything to live in a battle world filled with bloodthirsty zombies? Download “Last day on earth mod menu ios gods” to prove that having the right tools and skills at your end, everything is possible for you.

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