Plague Inc Mod APK 1.18.6 (unlimited DNA) Download 2022

Download Plague Inc MOD APK 1.18.6 (unlimited dna) 2022, if you love to adventure hilarious experiences. It is the best simulation game for android.

Additional Information

Game NamePlague Inc MOD APK 2022
Version 1.18.6
Android Compatibility 4.1
Size 76 MB
Genre Simulation
 MOD Features Unlimited DNA

About Plague Inc MOD APK:

With Plague Inc, you may spread the deadly plague virus all over the planet. It’s a fun game that will help you pass the time. Plague Inc Mod APK unlimited dna is a straightforward game to learn. To infect the planet, you must name the plague virus. Spreading the virus begins when people are sick and travel to other countries.

You also start earning DNA points, which are like in-game cash. A virus’s infectibility can be controlled by changing the virus’s symptoms. You may use this to make the virus more potent. You can gain  Extra points for infecting more nations and busting random DNA bubbles.

Plague Inc MOD APK

Features of Plague Inc MOD APK latest version:

  • It delivers a realistic representation of the world around us. As your condition progresses, you can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.
  • The player can use the virus as a villain.
  • You can also handle other circumstances, such as smallpox or Mad cow disease.
  • You can customize your situation and push yourself to the extreme with it.
  •  You can check that as a villain, how quickly do you remove all life from the planet before the hero arrives?
  • This game is ad-free so that you may play it without interruption.

Plague Inc MOD APK unlimited DNA:

A player requires DNA points to strengthen the sickness. Your DNA points grow as you infect and murder individuals worldwide. DNA points evolve novel vectors to infect humans, personalize disease strengths, and modify illness symptoms.

The number of infected persons and nations raises the DNA points. Since the latest update impacted the gameplay, you may require aid in developing your sickness. Plague Inc Mod APK gives you unlimited DNA to expand your infestation faster.


In Plague Inc., you’ll find seven different strains of cheats to choose from. These include the strains Immune, Hidden, Unlimited, Turbo, Shuffle, Lucky Dip, and Double Stain.

These cheats will accelerate the spread of the illness unhindered by government efforts to rein them in. In some cases, cheaters give endless DNA, while in others, the evolution of the species is disrupted. Download this amazing game; Last Island of Survival MOD APK

User-friendly interface:

The game has unique and exciting gameplay. Due to its intuitive interface and various modes, players want to experience the game and its challenges. Create unique features for your Plague. When players choose the right disease to spread, it is the right time to spread effective illness and develop new tactics.You must have an idea of your enemy’s intentions to gain the upper hand.

Manage Symptoms:

Infections have distinct symptoms. Plague Inc Mod APK helps you control the disease.Signs might be changed or added. Muscle soreness, vomiting, fever, blood-related disorders, or even respiratory infections are possible.

Death rates increase with the complexity of symptoms. In addition, during the condition in the cure mode will be more difficult, but it’s a pleasant challenge.

Put an End to the Research:

The game requires you to locate and hinder research institutes from developing a cure. If the research institutions find a viral treatment, you lose the game and restart.To avoid this, you need to cease researching, and this Plague Inc Mod APK feature will assist you in doing so.

To stop the cure from being found, you must pop the Research bubbles. The more you limit the virus’ spread and lethality, the better. You can also monitor the logs and modify the virus’ ability to stop the research.


This helps us understand future biological hazards and how to avoid them. The fascinating gameplay inspires you to discover more about how terrible illnesses spread and kill people worldwide. Download Plague Inc MOD APK and enjoy spending the time infecting the world with a deadly virus or saving the world from the same.

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