Scary Teacher 3d Mod APK 2022 (unlock all chapter+unlimited money)

Download Scary Teacher 3D Mod APK latest version with unlimited money and all features unlocked. This mod lets you access all chapters and unlimited money. So what are you waiting for?

Game NameScary Teacher 3D
Developed byZ&K Games
Game Size730 MB
Latest Version5.14.1
System RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/ Unlock All Chapters
Scary Teacher 3d Mod APK

Scary teacher 3D mod apk main features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All chapters
  • Unlimited Energy
  • No ads

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Story of the Scary teacher 3D Mod APK

Have you ever thought of spying on someone? Isn’t it a hilarious thought? In scary teacher 3d you will enter into an evil teacher house. Then you will go through an investigation of his hidden crimes.

You will go through different rooms and have to pass the security checkpoints and any other hurdles as well. Just move around the house and prank the teacher with different strategies. It’s up to you that how quick and careful you are.

You have to do all this mission without coming into sight of a scary teacher. You will set your pace and investigation map according to your own experience.

Features of the Scary Teacher 3D

Easy to master

Scary teacher mod apk is a game with an easy kind of control panel. You will learn the deep points and more grip on the game with the passage of time.

Its user interface is not too much difficult to understand and handle. Just enter the world of virtual fantasy and enjoy the versatile experience of investigation and hiding from the scary teacher.

Free to move

In scary teacher 3d, you can move freely around the corner of the house but be very careful because you have to hide from the scary teachers.

If you will be indulging yourself around everywhere without camouflage, then maybe your life is in danger.

Weapons of the battleground

When you will plan to enter the house of the evil teacher, you definitely need many tools and resources to carry out your mission. So it will be like many duplicate keys, different security checks detectors, trackers to locate the movement of evil teachers,s and many more.

In scary teacher 3d mod, there are a lot of tools are scattered around and you have to find them while moving forward.

Multiple rooms play

There are 15 different rooms are available in the scary teacher 3d mod apk. You have free access to all. Just enter the rooms and solve the puzzles and immerse the experience of gameplay.

In scary teacher 3d mod apk, discover the mysteries and engage yourself deeply.

Offline gameplay

 It’s one of the most popular and required features, which everyone needed. You can play the teaser and career mode of the scary teacher 3d mod apk offline as well.

So if you are out of the internet or don’t want to use your data. Then you can use this feature and enjoy your gameplay free of cost.

No age limit

If you are fond of something, then there is no age limit for it. Similarly, in scary teacher apk, either you are a kid or above 40 adult or an old man of around 70 years of age. It doesn’t matter at all, you can equally enjoy the gameplay.

In scary teacher 3d mod apk, there is no bloodshed or any kind of horror activity, so kids of minimum age can also enjoy the game.

Daily rewards

In scary teacher 3d mod, many kinds of daily rewards are presented to you without any pre-requirements. Although these are not kind of cash or real-time worth. But you will find something to achieve by playing this versatile virtual gameplay.

Visual quality

Games are applications, which need high-end graphics and up-to-mark sound quality. It will the game more exciting to play.


The graphics quality of the game defines the best user experience. So, in this game mod graphics of the game will show you each nick and corner so visible and clear.


High-quality graphics, exciting music, and audio will make the game double fun. Therfore, the enjoyment level of the player is highly esteemed.


Only this model of the scary teacher 3d mod apk is not available offline. If you want to enjoy the gameplay with your partner, then you really need an internet connection to play this mode. Its multiplayer mode, have more fun with friends.


In scary teacher 3d career mode is the main gameplay. It is consist of different stories and mission. You can enjoy the multiple setups and ways of dealing with enemies.


In the teaser of scary teacher apk, you can have more fun. If you are entering the pool with the strategy to prank the cruel teacher. So you can throw internet items and tease evil teachers with odd activities


Scary teacher 3d mod apk is a fun type of game with multiple mainstream features. Just enter the evil house, spy, and tease the cruel teacher with your war skills. Move around freely and hit the mission tasks. Solve the puzzles to get a more quick way forward.

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