Score Hero MOD APK Unlimited Money/Energy 2022

Score Hero MOD APK is just like score hero hack that gives you unlimited life and money latest version. You don’t have to worry about the energy or the money. Score! Hero apk mod allows you to enjoy the game for unlimited time with everything free.

Basic Info

Original NameScore! Hero
Developed ByFirst Touch Games
MODUnlimited Money/Energy
Android4.4 or higher
Rated for3+ years
Download 100M+
Size95 Mbs
score hero mod apk

Overview of score hero MOD APK

Score Hero MOD APK is actually a moded version of a game named Score Hero. Score Hero is a football game played on android. In this game, the player has to make passes among his teammates and score a goal. The name of the game suggests that whoever scores a goal is a hero. Score Hero is created by a well-known game development company, First touch Games (FTG).

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In the original game, you need money to buy several things for your hero. To buy different things, you will probably need money, not the actual money, but in-game. To earn money, you have to play various tournaments and matches, and you also have to perform well if you need more money.

But score hero hack unlimited life and money relives you from the troubles that lack of money creates. Click on the score hero mod apk download button and enjoy unlimited everything.

Inspiring Story Of Score! Hero APK

Score! hero apk has a unique and inspiring story of a football player. An ordinary player, who has very few skills, but a dream to become a legendary football player. The way he becomes a Hero for his team and then his journey towards a legendary football player.It is such an inspiring story for the young generation to go outside and play football. Nothing is achievable if you have a passion.

How to play Score Hero MOD APK?

Score! hero apk is a fantastic game for football lovers. In this game, you will have to train your player and score goals with his help.If you are new to this game, you will not know how to play it. So basically, the concept of game is like a soccer match.

You will have to make successful passes between your team players and score a goal against your opponent. The opposing team’s players will intercept your passing.

I usually try to make small passes to the players who are close. It is very easy as compared to long passes. For long passes, I prefer aerial pass with pinpoint accuracy. An aerial pass can be beneficial to you for scoring a goal.

To dodge the goalkeeper, try to shoot the ball at the poles of the goal. The polls are well out of the keeper’s reach, so it is easy to score a goal at these points.Also, look for an offsideand other foul as it is just like a real game. You will feel just like you are playing instead of the players.

Lives/Energy and money

You will probably be confused about what lives means in score hero APK? Do players also die? Lol, it’s nothing like that. When you play the game, you will see five hearts on your screen’s top left corner. These hearts are the lives, or we can also call them energy.

Lives or energy decreases when an opponent intercepts your pass or the goalkeeper successfully defends the goal. Each heart has four parts, and with every interception, one part is erased. So, if you have full energy, you can play the game until you are intercepted 20 times by the opponent player.

If you have lost all your energy, then you will have to wait for it to refill. It takes about 18 minutes for one heart to be refilled completed with power.

If you still want to play, you can buy energy with money in the game. If you haven’t sufficient cash for that, you can also buy it with real money.

You can refill all your hearts with energy with just 100 money value. You can also get unlimited energy for 24 hours in just 2.76 US dollars. For free energy, you have to watch an advertisement of about 10 to 15 seconds.

With an ad, you will get a half heart, i.e., two lives.To get money for free, you will have to watch another ad, and you will get ten money points for watching one ad. If you want to buy it with real money, the most popular offer is 4.07 US$ for 200 money.

The best value offer is 32.83 US$, and you will get 1940 money with 910 extra money. But our socre hero mod hack unlimted life and money saves you from all the troubles. Just download by clicking on the button and chill.

Main Features of Socre! Hero APK


Hero is the main player of the team who represents you. While playing the game, you can recognize your hero with the star above his head.

You can change your hero’s appearance as per your choice. Change Heros’s name, shirt design, shirt number, and shoe color the way you want. You can also add and remove Beard and mustache to the hero’s face. But all this requires money.

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In Score Hero MOD APK download, you have 180 levels total. The level increases as you complete different events and achievements. There are a total of 83 achievements to achieve. To get bonus prizes, try to clear every level with three stars. If you have more stars, you can also reach the leader board.

Leader Board shows the best players of the game in two categories. First, the players with the most stars. The top Hundred players with maximum stars are on this list. rONzHarvester32 is on the top of the list with a score of 1,591,896,892 points.

The second list shows the best players who have reachedthe highest stage. A hundred names are on the list, with Alejo M14 being on the top. Alejo M14 has a scoreboard of 77,028 points.

Leader Board

Leader Board in Socre Hero MOD APK shows the best players of the game in two categories. First, the players with the most stars. The top Hundred players with maximum stars are on this list. .

The second list shows the best players who have reachedthe highest stage. A hundred names are on the list, with Alejo M14 being on the top.


For a better experience of the game, you should log in to the game. You can log in with your Gmail or Facebook account.

When loged in with Facebook, you can see all your friends who also play this game. You can compete with them as the level of every friend is shown in the game. On logging in to Hero’s mod, you will also get some surprise rewards.

Based on AI

The most fantastic feature of the Hero’s MOD that makes it awesome is that it is AI-based. When you pass the ball to your player, the opponent player can automatically detect it.

Moreover, if the pass is a little bit inaccurate, it can be intercepted by the opponent. Making accurate passes with the best timing will not allow you to get bored.Score Hero MOD APKis developed with the latest technology of AI to make the game more unique.

Graphics and audio

Score Hero apkhas high-quality stunning3D graphics and a clear audio. 3D graphics of the game makeyou feel like you are playing on the ground, and the high-quality audio adds an extra charm to the game. You will also hear a commentary in the game, which makes the game even more realistic.

Access from any Device

Score Hero MOD APKallows you to access your game from any device. You just have to sync your game with your Google Play account. After syncing your game with Google Play, you can access your game from anywhere and anytime. Keep your Google Play log in details save to access your game from another device.

Final Words

When you get Score Hero MOD APK by download, you will see that you have very little money. Don’t be panicked after seeing such a little money. Score Hero MOD APKis cracked, and the money increases as you spend the money.

The energy is also unlimited, which allows you to play the game without any problems. You can make purchases in the game without getting worried about the prices of the items that you are buying.

Overall it is a fantastic game, and it can be played by childrenwho are just three years or more. Unlimited money and energy pave a pathway for you to get to the top of the leaderboard quickly.

If you haven’t downloaded the game still, download it for free and start enjoying the best football game. For more game mods and applications apks, click here on hompage

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