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Sudoku Kingdom APK download latest version 2022

Sudoku kingdom APK Download the latest version of Sudoku kingdom for android in just a few seconds. Download the latest version and enjoy more features are added to interact with the gamers.

Game Information:

Game NameSudoku Kingdom APK
GenrePuzzle Game
Developed byGTSSTAR.co
Size4.8 MB
Requires4.4 and Above

Sudoku Kingdom APK Game

Sudoku kingdom APK game is the most exciting and thrilling game. This game is being played almost in every country of the world, especially in Japan. It is the favorite game of all ages, from kids to olds. It is a very famous and ancient game of the people of Japan. In this game, you will learn the best techniques to win the game and become an expert of this game.

Sudoku Kingdom APK

Sudoku kingdom is basically a puzzle-based game, and it consists of 1 to 9 digit numbers.  In this game, there are different types of numbers and boards. Foe win, you have to place 1 to 9 digit numbers into each grid cell so that each number can only have one chance to come in each row, mini-grid, and column. You can play the Sudoku kingdom game and enjoy it anytime, anywhere and learn excellent techniques from it.

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Sudoku kingdom APK is basically used for the solution of different kinds of puzzles. It also helps the users in arithmetic, problem-solving, and various types of algebraic functions. With this game, you can test your skill, select the best one depending on your preferences. This game needs a lot of endurance and self-confidence to play uniquely.

Features of Sudoku Kingdom APK Online

  • Amazing sudoku learning tool
  • Stunning two gird styles
  • Excellently balanced five difficulty levels.
  • Hint’s in-game not answer but also explain it.
  • Select by own light or dark gird fonts with adopted size.
  • Unlimited collection of beautiful puzzles.
  • You can Customize the sudoku board

How to play the Sudoku kingdom APK game?

In the Sudoku kingdom APK game, there are 1 to 9 empty cells and place numbers from 1 to 9 empty cells. Each column, square(3×3), or row requires to be filled with numbers from 1 through 9 without repeating any numbers in the column, square(3×3), or row. When a player filled whole Sukodu puzzle cells with the solution without any mistake, it means puzzle solved.

 In the game, players select their favorite input mode, Cell first, or numbers first, to start an easy Sudoku puzzle game. Some fantastic features are added in the latest version of this game. The latest features aim to optimize the game and attract users to take an interest in this game.  This game is very user-friendly and easy to play.

Download & Install Sudoku APK ?

You can download Sudoku kingdom APK through our website. Here are the few simple steps

  • Click on the download button
  • You will land the Mediafire download page
  • Click download again and the download will begin
  • Now Double click on the APK file, and your installation will start.
  • Allow permission from unknown resources
  • Within a few seconds, the game will be fully installed in your system.
  • Open the game and start to play this stunning world game.


Here are some important FAQs about the game

Is the Sudoku kingdom APK  game free for play?

Yes, the Sudoku kingdom APK game is free to play for all its users and enjoy this game’s latest features. The game will not charge any money to download and play the game.

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