Tekken 7 APK Download Latest Version For Android 2022

Tekken 7 APK Download Latest Version For Android. Tekken 7 is one of the best fighting games for android users and now is available on the android platform.

Basic Info

Game NameTekken 7 APK
Developed byBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment
GenreAction Game
System requiresAndroid 5.1+
Game size38 MB
Latest Version1.5

About Tekken 7 APK:

Tekken is a game series created by Bandai Namco, a Japanese company, to provide the first 3D animated combat game. These games were so popular that they sold out in their first week. Tekken 7 was the seventh and final installment in the Mishima Saga. It sold over 2 million units in just two months. So you can enjoy the game on your mobile by downloading Tekken 7 APK.

Tekken 7 APK

Distinguish features of Tekken 7:

Tekken 7 stands out for several reasons when it comes to fighting games. It isn’t only the finish, though it will undoubtedly have an exciting conclusion. The game is jam-packed with essential aspects that you should not miss. They didn’t miss a trick with their marketing strategy.

  •  Unreal Engine 4 is used to run the game. What does that do? It means that the game can be made for various platforms, like Xbox, Windows, Playstations, etc.
  •   Considering how a game will play is critical in creating any fighting game. There must be mind-blowing and upgraded features for the game to succeed. Tekken 7 added new moves to keep things fresh, including the Rage move and Power Crush.
  •   Tight control is another essential component of any fighting game. Sound smooth and rapid controls. You don’t want a stale game. Simplicity is the key to Tekken 7. There is no time lag between movements.
  •  In Tekken 7, the character cannot be bound during a combination, like in Tekken Revolution. As bound moves were removed, other actions were added to extend combinations.
  • Characters and players can travel sideways after falling, allowing for rapid recovery and return to the game.
  •  In this game Back rolls, Back walking, and Ankle kicks are included.
  •  Now you may play with your friends. Form teams and battle against gamers worldwide or even your friends.
  •  After winning stages, you can unlock characters. There are over 30 characters to pick from, each with unique techniques and combinations.
  • New characters include Katarina, Claudio, Shaheen, and Josie.

New Combat Sequences:

Tekken 7 APK has a lot of new and intriguing combat systems to offer. Rage art is a decisive move that may quickly and easily defeat your opponents. Other actions include Rage drives and crushes, each of which is very devastating and will annihilate your opponent in a matter of seconds.

Various Modes:

First, there’s the practice mode, which allows you to fine-tune your abilities. Get to know yourself better by experimenting with different approaches and styles. In addition to the story mode, you may also play online with other people in the multiplayer mode.


Tekken 7 APK is an action and fighting android game part of the Tekken series. New unique and unusual mechanisms are introduced in this series, like anger art and power crush, by the game’s developer.

The anger art mode makes the character endure more damage than the opponent while the player, i.e., you, will be allowed to continue to strike the adversary.

For those who are not action game fanatics, Tekken 7 download free for android is a great way to pass the time when you have some free time.


This game is intended for a mature audience and does not promote real-world action activities. Consider it a simply fun exercise.

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