Worms 3 MOD APK(Unlimited Money, Unlock all) Download 2022

Download Worms 3 MOD APK latest version, trajectory shooting game by Team 17 Digital, with a worm as the primary character.

Basic info

Game NameWorms 3 MOD APK
Latest Version2.1.705708
Android compatibility Android 4.1+
Size174 MB
Developed byTeam 17 Digital Limited
 Cost  free

About Worms 3 MOD APK:

Worms 3 is a very comprehensive and enjoyable software in which you must lead your worms to finish all of the app’s tasks. There are several tasks, some of which are difficult to finish, making this a game that you may play for an extended period.

Additionally, this game contains a lot of new functions not found in previous editions. You may collect cards featuring your characters, play online versus your friends, and so on

Worms 3 MOD APK

Features of Worms 3 MOD APK:

  • The game has an aesthetic interface and sound play
  • The improved version has a camping mod in it
  • You can customize your worms army
  • You can get unlimited money by playing the game to unlock its premium features
  • The game has no interrupting ads


The Worms 3 turn-based gameplay is unchanged from the Worms series, but the game introduces character trading tokens. A user feature can also be activated or removed in any game’s modes. Those trade cards have different characteristics to challenge or benefit players for each match.

For example, they reduce gravity or increase blood tank points to speed up the game’s finish. It takes a bit to get accustomed to using a virtual d-pad for both movement and targeting, but it works nicely and never becomes an issue. So, players only need a clear strategy and plan to prepare for any situation.

Numerous Game Modes:

Beyond the fundamental game mode, Worms 3 MOD APK offers a large range of alternative game modes and circumstances, executed flawlessly and delivering all the player needs. This game has a fantastic and entertaining online multiplayer composition, and a fast match option with sophisticated AI.

Two of the best multiplayer features allow four deep teams to participate on the same device and game. Players may see how long they can withstand the brutal fight of the underground army. Everything from the worm-attracting dance moves to the warriors in your squad may be changed. Also, how do you view your headstones after you die? There will be tombs with your likeness on the hills.

Extra game and weapon’s features:

Four worm squads will take turns assaulting the stupid gas nipples with weaponry. Worms 3 APK game features standard demolition tools, including bazookas, grenades, and raids. However, a banana or a holy grenade can also be destroyed.

Collect money by picking up boxes or finishing single-player stages to develop your characters. Use a card-based method to save money. Whether online or turn-based, Create and log in with Facebook if you want to play on several devices. In Airplay mode, the action is presented on phone displays, but the inventories of each player remain concealed.

Aesthetic graphics:

Worms 3 APK offers stunning visuals and a realistic battlefield that attracts gamers into difficult stages. Cute little worms with your lovely characters are also a bonus. In general, the lack of variation in the game’s theme areas (beaches, sewers, etc.)

The bombardments that bombarded the land were catastrophic in the game’s large monster profile. The game’s options are well-organized, and the UI is intuitive. Worms 3 is a nice game. Features and visuals create intriguing adventures.


With genuine and in-depth gameplay, fans of the best worms game android will undoubtedly find this third version highly enjoyable, even more so now that it can be played on mobile devices. Additionally, you’ll have access to fully unlocked gameplay, which is always fun with our fantastic modification.

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