Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK (Unlocked) Download for Android

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK (Unlocked) for android. Wrestling Revolution 3D is an amazing wrestling fights game with unique features.

Basic Info About Game

Game NameWrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK
Latest Version1.71
Developed ByMDickie
Game Size34.8 MB
CompatibleAndroid 4+

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK:

You are searching for an Android wrestling game that’ll fit your needs? Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK is the game you need to download. Wrestling Revolution 3D has been downloaded over 60 million times, making it the best and famous wrestling game right now. It provides a truly immersive gameplay experience, which will provide you with a wonderful experience. MDikie created the game. In the past, they have developed games like the wrestling revolution.

Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK

The moments of cheering cheers will be plentiful at Wrestling Revolution 3D. They gained the strength to fight countless battles and become strong characters. Only when players fully understand the control mechanisms will they feel at their best while playing. You can also download the game for free from the Google Play Store. In addition, there are in-app purchases and ads in the free version. You will need to spend money on various items in order to scale up quickly in the game.

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One thing is certain, whatever the reason. Despite being scripted, wrestling has a very real physical component. There is still physical contact between opponents, including punches, kicks, and grapples. The reason behind the appeal of Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK is this. Your opponent will be in a state of fear as you perform various combos. As long as it’s a game, you can do whatever you want. Don’t be fooled by old-looking graphics. Don’t let this deter you. Find out more below.

Participants can choose between the practice mode and the competition mode in Wrestling Revolution 3D. To change characters, simply look at the menu. To change the viewing angle, click on the Right Angle Eye icon. By pressing the Clock icon, you will see a timer, which instantly stops the picture mode. Characters have distinct skills that make their performances unique. Playing this mode will allow you to check your moves.

You only see a bloody circle of wrestlers and an American stadium. A highlight of the game is creating characters with unique abilities, allowing two players to fight at the same time, and creating a protagonist that can fight on his own. Experience the unique, versatile imaging system and dozens of camera angles and witness the 3D wrestlers with your handheld device.

The graphics platform included in Wrestling Revolution is 3D, but there are many cracked frames that look a little rough. Despite its realism, However, wrestling Revolution also incorporates sound and effects in its combat. It presents a more realistic experience despite not having as many colors as other combat games.

Several talented gladiators have helped to make Wrestling Revolution 3D such an incredibly successful program. You won’t be able to miss it if you are a fan of the show. A player can challenge such well-known characters as Angel Dust, Danny Might, and Monty Python. You can also swap stars with them. You will find plenty of action in Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK. Even collecting strong opponents will help you win.


Customization: There are a lot of customization options in Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK as well. Several elements of the game can be customized. The avatar, the arena, and the settings can be changed. Aside from customizing shadows and crowds, you can also customize the arena. As well as that, you can customize even the tiniest details of the character, such as their hairstyle and length.

Graphics: Who provides them with their power? Those fans who are so crazy for them? That’s for sure. Their feud is still going strong. That’s why you should play Wrestling Revolution 3D. You will leave your opponents in this video game begging for mercy with the moves you perform. Compete against your friends to see who is the best.

Best Game Mechanism: Aside from being simple, this game features complex combat mechanics. It is relatively easy to control the wrestler in this game. A controller and several keys for each technique are used to control the process. Despite the extensive list of attacks, the process is easy to control.

Our discussion is about the kind of throws and deflections Western wrestlers actually practice. Choose your character, characteristics, and appearance carefully as you walk through Wrestling Revolution 3D. Discover professional wrestling like never before. The game will captivate you for hours.

How to Download and Install Wrestling Revolution 3D Mod Apk

  1. Click on the Download Button and wait until your game starts downloading.
  2. Before installation, go to your device setting and enable Unknown Source File.
  3. Now open the Apk File file on the file manager app.
  4. Then tap on the install button. 

Final Verdict

It looks like a great game as soon as you start playing the Wrestling Revolution 3D MOD APK game. This is how you enter the arena and win it. You should try this application if you enjoy playing indoor virtual games. Leave a comment below if you’re facing any issues while installing or downloading this game from our website. Thanks!

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