GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download (Anti-Ban) April 2024 (Official)

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Hello Friends. In this digital world today everyone has a smartphone. If we talk about the most important application, it is known as WhatsApp. In this digital world, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives. Because seeing as smartphones are increasing.

GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download

Whenever you have to share any media or file, this is the first name that comes to mind i.e. Whatsapp. The moded version of WhatsApp is called GBWhatsApp. You can download the latest version from the link GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download.

Because this application has become very popular and people have become addicted to it. Therefore many features have been limited in WhatsApp. You can forward messages to only five people at a time, you can only put a 30-second video on your status, given all these shortcomings. A new application was launched in the name of a modded version of WhatsApp which was named GB WhatsApp [जीबी व्हाट्सएप] i.e. GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download.

GBWhatsApp latest version jan 2024

This GB WhatsApp removes all the limitations of the features given in OG WhatsApp. And provides us with the immense power of features, WhatsApp gb APK download link below. In which we can take advantage of many such features which have been removed from the original WhatsApp.

For example, if a person deletes a message after sending it, only the “deleted message” is visible in the original WhatsApp. But in GB WhatsApp [واتساب ويب] especially GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download, the modded version of WhatsApp, it automatically saves the sent messages. Even if the person sending it has deleted the message, many such features are provided in this GB WhatsApp.

What is GB WhatsApp?

So friends, today in this article we will discuss about GBWhatsapp application. We will try to know whether WhatsApp is harmful to our smartphones. Doesn’t our number get blocked by GBWhatsApp? Why does GB WhatsApp provide so many features?

Can GB WhatsApp be used on old devices? And what new features have come in the newly launched GBWhatsapp? if you want to download whatsapp gb link below. The GBWhatsApp substitute is G B WhatsApp pro. You can also try Pikashowapk.

Just a few days ago, through an update, a feature called Channels has been extended in WhatsApp. With which you can create your own channel in WhatsApp also. Many people are interested to know whether this feature has been added to GB WhatsApp.

Today we will also discuss whether we can grow our channel faster with GB WhatsApp [جی بی واتساب]. However, many such features are provided in GB WhatsApp which are not present in the original WhatsApp.

WhatsApp or you can say Meta, a new App was launched whose name is WhatsApp Business. Many people try to know this or often keep asking this question. You can also use its alternative FM WhatsApp.

Do we have to pay any charge for using WhatsApp Business, or does it run for free on WhatsApp? Friends, you will know the answers to all these questions in this article GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download today.

GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download

This GB WhatsApp is the most demanding version i.e. GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download. Through this, we get immense power to customize WhatsApp. Due to this, we can get many features that are not there in the original WhatsApp.

This particular GB Whatsapp can be used which is absolutely free. Apart from this version of GB WhatsApp, there are many different popular versions. Which includes GB Whatsapp Pro v17.20 update 2023, GBWhatsApp 4.20 free download, and GB WhatsApp Pro v17.00 download these versions through the download link given below.

No fee is charged to you, this GB WhatsApp is exactly like the original WhatsApp. But there is more to the features than that, especially through this you can run two WhatsApp on the same device. That too from different numbers though if you are using original WhatsApp. So that’s just one WhatsApp running on one device.

Our smartphones are of dual SIM and we want to create our separate WhatsApp accounts on dual SIM only. Therefore GB WhatsApp is very much needed, the link to download GB WhatsApp is given below. You can update GB WhatsApp from OG Whatsapp without losing data.

Info About GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download

WhatsApp NameGBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download
Supported OSAndroid 10 and above
Versionv4.20 | v5.90| v17.00 | v17.20
Size51 MB
Root RequirementNo Root Required
Last Update20 hours ago
Downloads Count95,000,000+

GBWhatsApp Features on Tip

  • Whatsapp UPI Pay.
  • Multi-Language.
  • Multi-User Accessibility.
  • Huge Data Transfer.
  • Lossless Media Transfer.
  • Single Click Download Status.
  • always Online Accessibility.
  • Updated Trending Emojis.
  • Local Backup.
  • Dark Mode Theme.
  • Multiple Theme Option.
  • You can Submit or Send Multiple Pics.
  • Private Chat Option.
  • Outstanding Double Blue Tick Option.
  • 30-Second Status to 7 Minute in Lossless.
  • Amazing Icons.
  • Multiple GIFs in GbWhatsApp.
  • Forward to Multiple people a single message.
  • Own Media Player.
  • Better Privacy Than OG WhatsApp.

Features of GBWhatsApp 5.90

Amazing Stylish Fonts Customization: The GBWhatsApp extraordinary feature is i.e. customize your WhatsApp stylish fonts like Arial and other stylish fonts.

Grow Your Channel With GBWhatsApp: A new feature added to GBwhatsapp i.e. WhatsApp channel. you choose your stylish name for your channel and gbwhatsapp helps to grow your channel.

Sent Lossless Status: You can send any document or media with GBWhatsApp. the media will not lose their quality. The media sent by GB WhatsApp never loses its quality its lossless.

Update GBwhatsApp From OG Whatsapp without losing data: To update OG Whatsapp to gbwhatsapp without losing data just GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download by the given link before you uninstall the OG Whatsapp please take a backup for updation.

Forward Messages to many people at one time: In Original WhatsApp, you can forward messages or media to only five people. But in GBWhatsApp you can forward any message or media to many people. It’s beneficial in business or internet shutdown regions.

Send Huge File: In GB Whatsapp, You can send media or any document that has big data in MBs Or GBs easily. The GB WhatsApp has the feature of sending a big file to anybody.

Send Lossless Media: GB WhatsApp has a feature to send pictures with its own quality. In the Original WhatsApp send pictures lose their own quality and look like blurry or pixeless.

Free Do Not Disturb Service: GB WhatsApp also comes with a feature called Do Not Disturb. Through this, you can ban messages sent by any person or company. It specifically blocks messages sent by marketing companies or blocks strange numbers.

Anti-Ban and Antitheft System: You can protect your phone from loss through anti-Ban and anti-theft systems. Also if you have GBWhatsapp installed on your phone and someone or your girlfriend has blocked you. You can still unblock yourself and send your messages through GB WhatsApp on your phone.

Manage Privacy: GB WhatsApp takes special care of your privacy if for some reason your privacy is violated. So this application automatically gets blocked and starts demanding new updation.

Message Filtration: You can also filter the messages you receive through GB WhatsApp. In which especially the messages sent by marketing companies are filtered and also deleted. This feature is very special for businessmen.

Location Sharing: Just like the original WhatsApp, you can share your real-time location in GB WhatsApp too. The person receiving the real-time location can see you live. If you move on a road. So the said person comes to know about your movement.

Send Maximum Media: With GBWhatsapp, you can send pictures and media in their original format and original data. In the original WhatsApp, pictures, and media can be sent to fewer numbers. Whereas in GBWhatsapp we can send pictures and media to countless numbers.

Background Changer: The background of WhatsApp can also be changed through customization in GB WhatsApp. Along with this, you can also add a free updated funky background which looks absolutely amazing.

Send Clear Voicenote: However, you can send voice notes in original WhatsApp also. However the voice notes sent through GB WhatsApp have more clarity and higher quality. Due to this, the popularity of GBWhatsapp increased further.

Contact Management: Through GB WhatsApp you can manage the contacts given on your mobile. Besides, you can also block and unblock contacts through GB WhatsApp. No matter who has blocked you.

Permanent Delete any Messages without Notification: In original WhatsApp, whenever you permanently delete any message, its notification is visible to the person who sent it. Whereas on permanent deletion in GBWhatsapp, no message is visible to the person sent. And it feels as if no message has been sent. This feature was launched soon. Which is very special.

Multi Lingual: GB WhatsApp comes in many languages. Which you can use as per your choice or in your mother tongue. The fun of using any application becomes different when that application is in your mother tongue.

Strong Protection with Password: GBWhatsapp also comes with a very strong password and protection as well as a fingerprint option. Due to this GBWhatsapp has become very special, you can apply privacy on your personal chat also.

Required Permissions

  1. An active internet is a must.
  2. Location permission.
  3. Contact Permission.
  4. File or Storage permission.
  5. Camera Permission.
  6. Mic Permission.
  7. Unknown source permission etc.

Compare in OG WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

FeaturesOG WhatsAppGBWhatsApp
Do Not Disturb Mode
Multiple Language
Amazing Icon Changer
Automatic Reply
Privacy With Lock
Disappear Last Seen
Offline Mode
Single Click Status Download
Bulk Massage Send
Character length for StatusUp to 139UP to 300
Disappear Online Status
Huge Media Sharing45200+ MB
Fully Customize
DND Mode

GBWhatsApp 5.90 Screenshots

gb whatsapp apk download
g b whatsapp pro
g b whatsapp download

How to GBWhatsApp 5.90 APK Download and Install?

Installing GB WhatsApp is very easy. However, some people may face difficulty in installing GB WhatsApp. A very easy way to install GB WhatsApp is given below which is in few steps. By following these steps you can easily install GB WhatsApp and enjoy GB WhatsApp.

First Step: Before installing GB WhatsApp, make sure that you have enough space in your device’s memory. If you don’t have space in your device’s memory, create enough space.

Second Step: Go to your device’s Settings and turn on Unknown Sources.

Third Step: To download GB WhatsApp APK file, click on the given download link.

Fourth Step: After downloading the GB WhatsApp APK file, you can now install it.

Fifth Step: After installing GB WhatsApp, open it. And now you can register in GB WhatsApp with your mobile number.

How to Resolve the “Temporary Banned” Problem?

“Temporary Banned” This problem is very common in GB WhatsApp which is seen quite often. If you are also struggling with this problem. You can get rid of this problem by following the following steps.

  • Step 1: First of all take a backup of your GB WhatsApp. Save the backup taken in a folder on your device.
  • Step 2: Now uninstall the modded version of WhatsApp.
  • Step 3: Download and install the latest updated APK file of GB WhatsApp from the GB WhatsApp download link given above.
  • Step 4: When your GBWhatsapp is completely installed. Now open GB WhatsApp and register with your mobile number.
  • Step 5: Now you can recover the backup taken by going to the backup option given in GB WhatsApp. In this way, you can remove the temporary ban.

After that, you can resolve the Temporary ban problem.

Old Versions of GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Launched by Year



GB WhatsApp is a modded version of the original WhatsApp. Through this WhatsApp, we get premium-level items. Which includes updating the theme, sending large files, and sending multiple media. Along with GB WhatsApp, you can also use original WhatsApp.

In this article, all the versions of GB WhatsApp launched in the last years are given. Along with this, links are also given according to the version of GB WhatsApp. Our team has worked hard to write this article. If you like our work then you can write to us in the comment box. To contact us, visit the Contact page.

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